What is my profile page?

Your 'Profile page' is your own dedicated space where your journal is hosted alongside some basic information about yourself.

This includes your profile picture, your location, the number of entries you have, your membership status and also your biography. 

From here users can also see who 'follows' you, who you are 'following', the favourites you have given, and also any awards you have received during your time with Blipfoto.


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    I used to like seeing the exact date I started on the profile page. I think it was in April 2012 that I started. Where is that info now held when I have a goldfish moment and someone asks me how long I have been here?

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    The fact that the new journal home page is the profile page is not an improvement. I liked the previous arrangement where people visiting your journal address saw your latest entry, instead of which they now see something which should only be seen when required.

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    I saw somewhere else that comments on post will be editable again at some point - hurrah! Sorry to come over all Lynn Truss but decent spelling and grammar were one of the hallmarks of Blip, and the absence of this function is one of the torments of the current set-up. Since I've never knowingly filled in any box [on-line AND on paper] without making a mistake I'd really appreciate it if ALL the comments boxes on the site, including in these 'forums' could be edited. I saw the typo in my previous comment only after it was published ... aaargh ...

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    And I've just now noticed that I COULD copy the text, delete the comment and fix the error if I was that bothered. It would be MUCH more user-friendly to be able to edit.

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    Blipfoto Support

    Hi Guys,

    @Rozwood1970 Thanks for the feedback, I'll make sure it is passed on to the right team when future developments are decided upon.

    @Bygjohn You can still see your latest entry, it should be the top left hand thumbnail, which you can click on just like the old site. This new method allows for creating a snapshot of a user's recent activity, meaning the ability to discover more content that interest's you is higher.

    @Grace Correct spelling is always something that is desirable! The tech team are currently working as we speak to bring back the edit comment function.