What are followers?

You can keep up-to-date with your friend's or other interesting journals by following that individual user.

If you click on the 'Browse' section of your header (at the top of your screen) and then select the 'Following' tab, you will be presented with a page that shows all the users you follow most recent posts, allowing you to keep up with ease.



Other users can also see who you follow by clicking on the 'Following' section on your profile page.



Likewise, users can also see who follows you by clicking on the 'Followers' tab on your profile page.



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    Good clear answer - but would you PLEASE put 'followers' and 'following' profiles back into alphabetical order?
    However I love the fact that you have retained 'time of blip' for the 'following' page.

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    Is there a way to change the followers list to view alphabetically? It is very difficult to find people now who haven't just posted as they dissapear into the depths of the current list. Finding anyone who doesn't post regularly is now extremely difficult, the search facility depends on you being able to remember everyone's blipname. Being able to quickly scan down the alphabetical list and find blippers you've not looked at for a while is much better.

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    Blipfoto Support

    Hi guys,

    @CannyScot + @Northern Thanks for the feedback, the tech team are working on bring back this feature in due course.

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    I can only see my followers/following in a list of large icons showing their photo from their profile page or a blank shadow where there is no photo. This means I have to click on this and go into their journal to see if they have posted something new. Then I can see that they have not posted anything since last week, month, or more. Why can't we have the most recent blip with the date it was posted instead ? We only have so much time every day to keep clicking through the maze of new Blip