What are favourites?

On Blipfoto you can choose another user's entry to be one of your favourites if you really like it.

This is a rare token of appreciation, and as a result you are limited to giving one favourite a day - unless you're a member, then you will get five!



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    Is there a way to check how many favourites you have left at any one time?

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    Blipfoto Support


    There is no method at the moment but thanks for the great feedback, I'll make sure it is passed onto the team.


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    we really do need a way to know how many faves we've been given and/or how many we have left to give. it's impossible to keep track of right now. also, when does a "day" begin and end?

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    Giving a heart saves the image to your favourites but what do you do when you've ran out of stars. How do you save the images you like to your profile to view them again without having to search for them?

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    I have not been able to give hearts 💕 for two days, can you tell me why this is please?