What EXIF do you use and why?

We primarily use EXIF to automatically determine when your photo was taken, so it can be added to the correct slot in your journal.

We also read focal length, exposure time and similar settings so they can be displayed in your entry. This allows you to search your entries by camera manufacturer, for example.

Additionally some cameras and phones record the location where the photo was taken. With your permission, we can use this to display you entry on a map - find out more about this here.


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    the exposure times are not showing up in my Exif data. Is there a reason why?

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    Aperture is now missing from my journal entries, will we be getting that back please? It is particularly interesting when viewing macros.

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    Blipfoto Support

    Hi guys,

    @Raspberryjefe + @TrikinDave

    All EXIF should be showing, however we have had some reports of users missing some data such as yours. We are working as hard as we can to iron out these glitches. If it continues please congas us using the "Ask us" form in Help.


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    i can't see EXIF on any of my photos - i quite like to see which camera i used on a particular day.