What are Awards?

Awards are designed to give you some merit for being an active Blipper.

Whether it's reaching your 100th Blip, or using map function for the 1st time, your list of achievements will grow the more you explore and use Blipfoto.

You can see what achievements you have collected so far by clicking on the 'Awards' tab on your profile. Likewise, you can also see what other people have achieved; why not congratulate them on their latest milestone?


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    From what I can see there is no emphasis on the milestones of 1 year 2 year etc of membership and of posting. In fact there doesn't seem to be any award for anything over 400 consecutive blips. The longer I have been a member the more I look forward to reaching the next anniversary, and having that acknowledged and celebrated with a new camera symbol. Now as I approach my second anniversary with no breaks there doesn't appear to be any celebration to look forward too.

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    Please could the Awards tie up with the milestones that trigger the change in colour of the camera symbol.

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    Blipfoto Support

    Hi guys,

    @RuralDave + @JCDodds Thanks for the feedback, this is something that we will look into once the larger issues of the site are solved.