Can I track comments?

Tracking comments is not a feature of the new site to improve simplicity. In turn, if anyone 'replies' to a comment you leave, you will be notified via your 'comments section'.

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    I find this problematic. Often I reply to a comment, or a follower does, thus starting a conversation that I can follow. This feature does not appear to be on the new site, so when I am notified of a new comment, I can't see and can't always remember the rest of the conversation. As connection with fellow blippers is an important feature of the blip experience, I do hope you can rectify this.

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    This was a unique feature of Blip so you could strike up conversations and friendships, with that gone you are no different to either flickr or Facebook. You have ruined the site!

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    That is such a pity as it is part of what made it such a special community. I hope you will consider a rethink.

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    This was a useful feature to track what others were saying about that blip and to follow-up conversations. So sorry that it is no longer there.

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    I notice that a couple of followers have replied to my comments but I don't seem to have any notification of this... frustrating!

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    Another reason why this is no longer the Blip to which I decided to take Life membership. The conversations were key to building friendships and the community.

    'Simplicity' in technical terms, perhaps - but certainly not in human ones.

    Please reconsider - and tell us that you are doing so.

    Alternatively, please offer a refund to members who have paid for a service which no longer exists.

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    It is now impossible to see which post a comment has been made on other than by clicking the (unnamed) icon which takes you to the post. It is then a real pain in the arse to have to scroll down through dozens of comments searching for the conversation it relates to.

    I have read that the recent changes are supposed to enhance the community aspect of the site. I am finding that the comment history page is having quite the opposite effect. I am no longer enjoying my time on Blipfoto because of such changes.

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    Echoing RinaD. Maybe I over-used this feature, but I liked following along with conversations on the journals of my favourite blippers. Now I only get notified of replies by the blipper whose journal it is to comments I made. So if I want to see if any of my friends have commented on someone's blip, I have to remember to go back to the blips. Which I won't do. Another blow to community spirit.

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    Can only echo previous comments, it has spoiled the way I used blip....

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    My sentiments exactly. I feel as though I've been forcibly cut off from friends whose journals I followed daily. I may adjust to the technical changes over time, with the exception of the painful white screen (try that on a big monitor for a seizure inducing experience), but no longer having the ability to follow conversations on other journals is a deal-breaker.

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    Comments appearing in the comments section are as has been suggested often completely meaningless because they are out of context. It isn't immediately obvious which picture the comment is about or if it is part of a conversation

    This has greatly reduced my enjoyment of the site.

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    I am so lonely as it is and had some very bad luck recently but blipfoto has become unrecogniseable. Simpler? There is nothing simpler ameanwhile bout the complex frustration I feel suspecting it is because I am not a paid member I feel as if I've been trying to break into Fort Knox so as to return to my previous engagement with my blipfoto friends!? How miserable that I can't get a response to 'add a comment' eg and the android app installation fails and tells me my device isn't compatible and on and on it goes.

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    I echo everything said above. The way the new site new operates most definitely privileges images/images over context/community/communication. Which was what made Blip so very precious. The tracking function is only one of the changes that chops up cognition/continuity - I'm hoping to write more fully about all the ones I've noticed. I think just about everyone I knew on here is feeling bereft in some way.

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    Harlo. I have just downloaded the iOS App, and although it looks all lovely and shiny and I can see stuff and photos, and stuff, I cannot see where I can add comments from the IOS App. someone said there was an "icon at the bottom", but no icons where I am looking H E L P