Can I share my entries on Facebook & Twitter?

Yes - just visit the Twitter or Facebook pages in help pages and follow the instructions.

Once your accounts are linked you can choose whether Blipfoto automatically post updates when you post an entry, subscribe to a journal, add a favourite or star an entry.

If you wouldn't like Blipfoto to post automatically then untick all the boxes except "Enable sign in via Facebook".

You can always choose to share individual entries to your social media accounts on the upload page. Just tick the "Share to Facebook" or "Share to Twitter" boxes.



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    I am getting increasing frustrated by the thumbnail migrated to FB via twitter not being of the blip I have just posted. The only way I can get it to work is to delete the tweet and manually write a tweet with a link to the blip.

    Sort it out!

    I response to several of the comments above, I note that there are two check boxes for FB and Twitter when posting a new blip. This functionality is great.

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    Blipfoto Support

    Hi Pencefn,

    Would you be able to get in touch with this problem using the "Ask us" form in Help? We are struggling to replicate the error.