What happened to subscribing?

The act of subscribing to someone's journal is still the same as it was on the previous site. Except that instead of 'subscribing' to someone's journal, you now 'follow' them.

You can read more about followers here.

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    I can see who I am following, but how do I see who is following me? and how do I follow a new journal? please help

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    The change from subscribing to "following" is one of the aspects which I find most annoying about the re-design. Why on earth was the decision made to adopt social-media terminology (shown at its worst by the notion of "UNfollowing". Blipfoto was a photo-journal site with a unique ethos. That baby has been thrown out along with the bath water.

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    I agree, I'm sure that a lot of us blippers joined because Blipfoto was different to other photo sharing sites. That difference has been almost eliminated.