Can I protect my journal from public viewing?

You can add a layer of privacy to your account by protecting your journal from being seen by people you have not connected with. You can do this via the 'Journal entries' section in 'Settings'.

Simply tick the box next to 'Make your entries protected'.



Protecting your entries will manually ask you to confirm a follower before they can follow you and also restrict viewing your journal just to your approved followers.

It will not hide your profile picture from showing up in other user's searches, hide your comments on other users' journals, prevent shares by your followers on social media or exempt you from our rules

If you have chosen to protect your account, your images will remain private and will not be used by Blipfoto for any reason.

Moderators will still have access to your account and will be able to remove any content that is deemed inappropriate.

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    Is there a way that your blips are accessible to all on blip, yet can be protected from the 'outside world'? I would like to restrict my entries to blip users only but don't want to go down the extreme route of only being accessible to my followers.

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    Was there a great demand for users to be able to protect their photos ?
    One of the pleasures of the previous site, for me, was the ability to be able to browse all entries, from the most able professional photographer to the obvious amateur. Clicking on an entry, browsing the blipper's other entries and reading their daily journals was the ideal way to find people to follow.
    As it is now, with people protecting their entries, this is no longer possible. I find this rather sad, as I did like the way everyone's entries enjoyed equal " status " as it were.
    I can't see that anyone else has raised this issue, so no doubt people are satisfied with it.

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    I love this setting as it allows me more freedom on writing as I know who my audience is - please keep it in place but think about a way of maybe a halfway point where photos are viewable but the journal is private or choosing day by day which aspects of your journal you want seen by the whole web. I niw have the freedom to use my children names which is great - I hope Polaroid will maintain these settings

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    I anonymize my kids names and will continue to do so. It's been good enough for me in the past and family and friends know who I am talking about .
    I wouldn't rely on the security provided by some corporation over which I have no control and which can be turned off at the flick of a software switch with little or no notice. Or indeed by mistake,
    A fuller discussion of the protection topic is here
    The downside of the protection setting is that it may give a false sense of security to the unwary. I take the view that I wouldn't post anything that would be unsafe or possibly misconstrued in the future.
    If I can't trust it, I won't advocate it. I suppose the ultimate test would be if we all think it's a good idea why don't we all protect our journals....and see what happens to Blip!

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    Blipfoto Support

    Hi guys,

    @Booky - I'm afraid that this isn't a feature at the moment, however I will pass it on to the correct team and it will be looked at for future developments to the site.

    @Beewatcher - From our research, we found that by not having a privacy option, many potential users were turned off the site. The protected journal isn't a default option, it's simply there for those who only want their images to be viewed by those they have allowed to.

    @Missymoo - Thanks for your feedback, I'll pass it on to the right team along with Booky's suggestion.

    @CaptainSensible - The Protected journal feature is simply designed to give you an added level of control over who sees your journal. There are some features that need to be analysed, however it is through the great feedback our the Blipfoto community that we can come to these conclusions. It is still the same small team working behind the scenes as it has ever been, the new partnership with Polaroid simply allows Blipfoto to be available to a wider audience.

    Hope this helps.