Where can I find Challenges?

Feeling like you need an injection of inspiration? Want to get more involved with the community? Then throw down the gauntlet and take part in one of our weekly challenges.

The 'Challenges' section can be found on the 'Activities' page and consists of a changing weekly theme found at the top of the page, a vote system for next week's theme and also details at the bottom of the challenges that remain week in, week out.



These latter challenges being MonoMonday, OneStreet, Phoneworld and 8pm.

If you think you have great idea for a weekly theme, then simply click on 'Send a suggestion' in order to let us know and it may be selected for a future vote!




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    Mono Monday also has a sub-theme, e.g. apparently #MM52 was macro - but where is this information found? Click on any of the links and all you get is the tagged photo gallery.

    In general, I am not as infused by the way challenges as set-up on the "new" site, and the odd split between the photos and the Help system incorporating the forums make navigation a challenge and frustration in itself