What happened to Groups?

The 'Groups' element was a feature that was underused and confusing in the old website.

You can still categorise your images just like you did before however, although this will now be done via the tagging system.

For example, if you used to put your images in the Cycling group on the old website, you would now simply tag an image "Cycling" and it will join the appropriate tag collection.

You can see other popular tags in the 'Tags' tab in 'Browse'.

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    It would have been nice if you had let those people who were using the groups know that this is what was happening especially those people who were admins of a group.

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    The omission of Groups is the biggest reason I now hate blip. Why would I want to have to type in several keywords when all I had to do was click a box? This site now reminds me of a mix between Facebook & Twitter. Very disappointed in this whole site. Thinking it might be time to leave since I feel more frustration than fun.

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    Could we save tags so that we can create our own virtual groups? I used groups all the time to filter the vast number of photos. Admittedly people used to misuse groups (all kinds of stuff got put in Wildlife) but it was a starting point.

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    The forums for the groups were indeed underused. Some had not attracted comments for many months - a wasted resource. Tagging a group is not much different from ticking a box.

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    Ok, I get the tagging thing but can't agree that the 'old system was confusing.

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    It's a pity the tag autocomplete has gone away. I try to tag all my blips consistently, and when you started typing a tag name it used to pop up suggestions from tags you'd previously used. This saved typing and ensured consistency. Reinstating this would be particularly helpful for these "group" tags.

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    The old interest group system was clear to me. It was a good way to quickly access areas of interest; we don't all have time to browse Blip for hours!

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    I miss the groups, they were great

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    I guess the 'Tags' tab in 'Browse' is now removed? I only here discovered it even exists: