Can I publish more than one photo a day?

For many users the challenge is to take just one picture that they're happy with, while for others it is choosing one which best describes their day.

That's the whole point of Blipfoto: one day = one photo.

But full members can add an extra 100 images per year to their journals and display them in a glorious full-screen gallery.

How does it work? Well, your main shot of the day will still be the featured image on your journal, but you have the option to add extra images taken on the day which appear just like the extra images you can see on this entry. You can add or remove these photographs at any time, up to a total of one hundred extra images over the calendar year.

Just use the ‘add a new entry’ page as normal and upload your extras by clicking on the + sign below the extra photos heading on your journal page.


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    How come i cannot upload extra photos on my ipad or iPhone????

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    Blipfoto Support

    Hi Lenycato. PLease raise this on the helpdesk. We'll need to work out what is wrong. When you do please provide as much information as possible to help us help you, including whether you are using Safari or the app.

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    No "Extra photos" option available