What is the difference between Questions and Open Questions?

In the Community Area, you can ask questions and also answer other user's questions. 

Whilst in this area, you can see either the questions being posed split into their different Topics, in chronological order of being asked in Questions or view all unanswered questions in Open Questions.



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    Since purchasing a new phone I've been unable to view any photos on my pixel 5. I take photos with the phone and load a daily blip. Does anyone have any tips?
    I can view from my iPad but would like to view from my phone. Thanks

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    Hi Anne, sounds like this is something that's happening because of your phone, rather than anything to do with the site. Are you using the app or trying to view it via a web browser? We don't formally support the apps but we would always want to know if there are issues. I'd suggest creating a support request. We may not be able to help but our Technical team can make note of it for future fixes if it is a generalised issue on certain platforms.

    Ps we don't actively monitor these forums so it's best with these sorts of issues to raise a Helpdesk message.