What does the Journal page of Statistics show?

The Journal page of the Statistics section shows information that relates specifically to your journal as a whole, and is only visible to Polaroid Blipfoto members.

The top section of statistics show how many average entries per week you have posted since joining Blip, and underneath this, how many weeks you have posted at least one entry as a percentage.

Next to this, how many words on average you have entered in your descriptions, and underneath this, the percentage of your entries that have a description.

Next along, the average number of tags you use per entry, and underneath this the percentage of your total entries tagged.

Finally, the amount miles travelled on your great blip adventure! We work this out by plotting all your blips in chronological order, and measuring the distance in between them. The stat underneath this shows the percentage of your entries that have had their location logged on the map.

 The next section is a graph that shows the level of engagement your blips form the last 30 days have received. Simply highlight one of the entries in order to see more detailed information.

Underneath this, you can see your top viewed entries of the past 30 days, with the number of views they have received. To see the amount for the whole time you've been on Blip simply click "All Time".

Below this, you can see your "Most Favourited" entries and also your "Most Starred", which are presented in the same format.

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