How do I add an entry to maps?

Your entry will register with the location on maps during the upload process using the image's EXIF data.

However, if your entry doesn't have the appropriate EXIF data for location, then you can manually do this yourself during the upload process by ticking the "Add to Map" box. A new map window will open with a search field to zoom in to a specific area.



You should then select the appropriate spot on the map where you took the shot. Simply plot your location with a pin and then click the 'X' to close the map.

We've added the ability to see an aerial image of the area, just in case the map doesn't have enough detail.  Simply click on 'Satellite' in the top left hand corner of the map.





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    What would be useful would be a search box integrated with the map, so I could search for my destination instead of having to zoom in all the way each time.

    Alternatively, remember whatever map lat/lng (and zoom) I used last time I added a photo, on the assumption I'm probably adding a photo in approximately the same vicinity or at least city.