Is Blipfoto free?

Blipfoto has two levels of membership:

A basic (free) membership, where users can

  • post an image each day
  • gift as many stars as they like
  • gift one heart each day
  • give and receive comments on journals

Any new members will revert to this level of membership after 30 days, unless they decide to purchase......

A full (paid) membership.  This opens up lots of additional benefits, including:

  • detailed statistics on their journal activity
  • a guaranteed advert free experience
  • a beautiful gallery view
  • the ability to choose a custom thumbnail crop
  • the ability to download their original images at any time
  • the ability to amend any of their entries details at anytime.
  • give up to five favourites each day
  • post an additional 100 photos throughout the year

but most importantly a full member is financially supporting the operation of Blipfoto, which is a community owned website.

There are two options when buying a membership.  Either through an annual fee, or by monthly payments.  More details can be found on your exclusive membership page.  

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