What does the Overview page in Statistics show?

When you click on Statistics, the first page you will land on is the Overview page.

At the top of the page you will see your general statistics such as how many entries you have posted, the total number of views your journal has accrued, how many followers you have and how many awards your have earned.

Beneath this is a timeline of your last 30 days on blip.

This shows you a snapshot view of the last 30 days, allowing you to click any of the images to go through to that entry. If you didn't upload an image on a particular day, the space will be blank. To upload a back blip against one of these days, simply click box, and it will take you straight through to the upload page for that date.

Further down, the next set of stats show how many entries you need until you unlock your new camera icon, how many entries until your next Blip milestone, how many Favourites you have remaining for that day, and also a section that will contain information about a new 'mystery' feature! More information on this to come!

At the bottom of the page, you will be able to see your Tags statistics.

This will show your most popular tags of all time in descending order. If you click on one of the tags, it will take you through to a view of Search, that will show all your images associated with that tag.

To switch from viewing all your entries, to simply the last month, click "30 Days".

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