What does the Cameras page show in Statistics?

The Cameras page in Statistics shows information relating to the equipment you have used to capture your blips.

In the top section, the first stats show how many entries you have posted with your favoured camera, and also how many others in the site are using the same model.

Next up is the preferred focal length of your blips, with the percentage of other users on the site who also choose the same length.

Beside this is the most used aperture of your shots, and also a percentage of those on the site who have the same preference.

At the end of the row is the most used shutter speed of all your blips, and also a percentage of those on the site that have the same preference.

Underneath this section you will see a graph showing all the different cameras you have used, alongside how many entries you have taken with them.

Beneath this you will find a more detailed graph displaying the number of entries you have with different focal lengths, aperture and shutter speed.

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