Making a Support Request

We want your time on Blipfoto to be as problem free as possible, but there may be an occasion where you need our help.  To make contact with us please use our submit a request form.  It can be found under the help section.

If you do need to contact us here are some handy hints on the kind of information we are likely to need.

  • What’s your user name?
  • What device are you using to access the site (phone, tablet, PC, Mac, etc.)?

  • What operating system are you using (Windows 10, iOS, etc.)?

  • Are you using a web browser (if so which one) or one of the apps (either Apple or Android)?

  • Does it relate to a particular post (in case which one – give us the date)?

  • Explain the problem you are having in as much detail as you can, please.

  • If you are getting error messages, what are they?

  • If at all possible, can you take a screenshot of the error and add it to the helpdesk ticket?

Providing this information when you first contact us can speed up the time it takes to solve your problem.

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