How do favourites work?

We sometimes get questions from people who don't have any hearts to give and can't understand why.  Basic members get 1 heart to give in any 24 hour period.  If they give a heart at 7 pm on one day, they will have to wait 24 hours until their heart is available again to gift.

It gets a little more complicated for paying members who have 5 hearts* available.  It does work the same way as for members with just one heart.  If they give their 5 hearts out one an hour from 6 pm until 10 pm (i.e. at 6, 7, 8, 9, and 10 pm), they will have used up their allocation until 6 pm the next day.  At that time they will have one heart available.  This will increase to two hearts at 7 pm (if they don't use the available heart in the meantime!) and so on until they have 5 hearts at 10 pm.  The cycle then starts again.

If you don't use all of your hearts in a 24 hour period you don't get any more after another 24 hours.  You will only ever have a maximum of 5 hearts* available.

*In some cases for certain contributors to the crowd fund an extra heart (or two) may have been added to your allocation to reflect the rewards provided.

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