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Mono Month Challenge 2017 (MMC17)

For the past couple of years I have only posted mono images during the month of February. This is a personal challenge with the goal to try and improve my mono images. It's surprising what you can achieve without the distraction of colour.

Anyone can join me, there isn't a theme, prizes etc and it can still run along side many of the other challenges you may be involved with. Getting 28 mono images in the row will be a challenge and for those who can't live without colour there is always Extras. ;o)

All you need to do is add the tag MMC17 to each of your images during the month. You can see some of last year's entries using the tag MMC16.


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I only do the Mono Month Challenge in February because it is the shortest month and here in the UK it's grey most of the time anyway.

If you would like to take the challenge yourself but not now just pick the month that suits you. Just add the tag MMC17 and maybe drop me a line on my journal to let me know. ;o)

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