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 How does one turn on or off the exif under More Info


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In the old Blipfoto (grey background) days, there was an option to turn it off for all of your entries, or you could hide it from an individual entry. Those options disappeared at the start of the Polaroid period when the site changed to the white background. If you do want to remove it, that can usually be done in photo editing software. A few points to be aware of though:
- the "+" in a circle will still appear in the usual place, but when clicked will likely just show the "Report" button.
- when uploading photos, Blipfoto uses the "date taken" information from the EXIF data to put the photo against the correct date (or attempts to!) - you may have to set the date when you upload your Blips, or should at least check it (you can change it later if need be).
- in removing it you'll lose the reminder of what camera/lens/focal length/settings you used at the time, and also make it more difficult for others to assist with possible issues, or for you to illustrate and share information of how effects were achieved... unless of course you don't want other Blippers to assist, or be given clues to whatever you've taken!
Best wishes.

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