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Wide Angle Wednesday 30th August

As Bobs Blips is away I'll be hgosting this week and next ... same format as usual ..... any photo of any subject can be tagged   widwedDDMMYY  (6 digits)
so  widwed300817 for this week.

If you want more of a challenge then take the first or last letter of the month to start your title for your photo eg August   'A' or 'T'
If this stumps you then as August is the 8th month look for someting concerning 8 items! 

Make your photo look wide if you haven't got a wide angle lens eg cropping
Consider fisheye lens, in camera panorama, stitching in post processing, etc etc.

Photo's must be taken on the Wednesday!  Have a go and have fun!

Given the weather forecast for England & Wales, I'll look favourably on anyone from that part of blipland  who suffers for their art or goes for something imaginative :-)


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