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Wide Angle Wednesday Challenge

Hi All

Every Wednesday there is a Wide Angle Wednesday challenge for photo's taken on the day.

The tag is always       widwedDDMMYY              (6 digits)

You can tag any wide angle photo BUT if you want a challenge then use the first or last letter of the month to start your photo title

eg  S or R   for September

or as September is the 9th month then a photo with 9 items or things in it.

Photo's can be of anything you want. Make them look wide if you haven't got a wide angle lens but most have panorama which you can use and even crop that if necessary. Fish eye lens? Don't forget that photo's can be wide in the vertical (portrait mode) as well as landscape mode!


Have fun  and be inventive!


BobsBlips is hosting.  

I will try and put the results up on Thursday evening.




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