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Mono Monday themes: October 2017

These are the Mono Monday themes for October 2017 - as usual, you can interpret these ideas as literally or laterally as you like: what's important is the photo.

2 Oct - Entrance (MM193).
9 Oct - Still life (MM194) The photographer Don McCullin was born on this day; in recent years he's given up war zones in favour of creating wonderful still life shots, which you might like to look up as inspiration.
16 Oct - Movement (MM195). Commemorating the 30th anniversary of the worst storm ever to hit the UK - but you don't necessarily have to show me a falling building, or even a falling leaf.
23 Oct - Music (MM196).
30 Oct - Animal (MM197). I mean the word in its broadest sense, so it could include a bird, a bug or a bacterium.


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