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Searching your own journal

I often want to search for a particular Blip of mine and would like to be able to scroll down rather than have to plough through pages and pages. Bearing in mind I currently have 2064 entries it can take and hour to find the one I'm looking for. 
Could a continuous scroll of your own photographs be considered?


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You could try using the "Search" facility, to cut down the entries to look through. I note from some of your recent entries that you haven't used tags, which can be helpful for locating previous photos.

To use the Search facility to just look through your journal's entries for a particular word, e.g. helicopter, here are two methods:

(1) If you're logged in you can type in the search box (without the quotes) - "helicopter @me"
(2)If you're not logged in, or giving a link to someone else, you would have to specify your journal (instead of "@me") - "helicopter @djrose007"

It doesn't matter about upper or lowercase characters in the text you enter in the search field, just be careful, or wary, of spelling correctly, and also be aware that the search will only look for the word "helicopter", and would not find the plural, "helicopters", or anything like "helicopterish", unless you search for that!

If you use tags, precede the word you're searching for with the "#" symbol - "#helicopter @djrose007"

Tags may be useful for marking entries that you're likely to want to recall in the future. You separate individual tags with a comma (but nothing else, or they'll likely end up fused into one extra long tag!) When using more than one word for a tag, be aware that spaces between words will be removed, so that the words will run together. Certain special characters (i.e. non-alphabetical ones) will work when searching for tagged Blips, whereas the majority won't - a single hyphen is usually okay, but you'll not locate anything with a "/" in a tag, something that many folk are not aware of.

A couple of examples I used before in a reply about using the Search facility (but have edited slightly here, so that they'll work in the post-Polariod Blipfoto era!).

Link to allow others to search my journal for the word "dolphin":

There's a different result searching for the tagged word "#dolphin":

One other point, the word search only looks through the text of your Blip entrys. It doesn't search through the comments.

Hope that works for you, and is of use.
(You can tell I work in education... lesson over!)

Best wishes.

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