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Advertiser following me

How do I stop an advertising "following"me?  Healthydogtreats is an Australian company that's latched on and I don't want them.


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If you haven't already sorted this, or if others need to know:

- go to your profile page (login, then click on your journal's name on the top bar, then select "My profile")

- click on the word "Followers" (in a box above your recent entries)

- to the right, above the followers shown, click on the word "Manage"

- this will give your followers in more of a list format, along with a "Remove" button close to each of them

- remove the unwanted individual(s)!

I don't know if that prevents them from following you again. But if they were to try again, I'd be tempted to notify Blip Central of any such harassment - if that's how you consider it.


Hope that helps!

Some feedback can be helpful for others to know if it did or didn't work.

Best wishes.

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