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I posted the following on the Blipfoto Friends FACEBOOK page and got several answers to say that back blipping was allowed, but my main query was that if I did backblip next year, when we will be away for a month, but may not always be able to blip, will that still count as unbroken blips.

Thanks in advance - Maureen aka Honeycombebeach

"I have searched the Knowledge Base about back blipping and wonder if anyone can help - if I am going on holiday for about a month and cannot or do not wish to blip during that time, but if I take a photograph every day (well my husband reckons it will be at least 1,000 a day!!) can I back-blip them and still carry on with my unbroken record of not missing a day? Thanks in advance for any help and guidance on this point.

Thanks everyone for your responses - I understand all that has been said and have taken on board all the advice - my main concern, vain though it may be, is if I do backblip, and I knew I could do that, will my unbroken record still stand? I haven’t missed a day for almost 5 years and I want to be sure that back blipped days will still count as an unbroken length. I seem to remember that this was not so sometime ago. Perhaps one of our new Fab Four could clarify this. PS perhaps I should leave a note in the Zendesk."


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Hello Maureen!

I think if you fill in all the gaps then you are seen as having an unbroken record.  I hope someone will confirm this.

What I do is to always post my blips chronologically.  If I've been away for a fortnight, I will start with the first photograph taken whilst away.  I'll probably post two a day to catch up.

Of course I'm still taking photographs daily whilst I'm catching up and they will be added in their turn.

So usually it will take a week to post a fortnights photographs, by that time I'm 7 days behind, and that takes me another 3 days... so altogether it takes me a fortnight to get back up to date again.

All the photos are posted in the order taken, so it's never really a back blip.

I hope this is helpful

'ö-Dzin (


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Thank you, Tridral.  I have made a note of what you have said and hope that I will be able to sort things out next year.  M xx 

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