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Wide Angle Wednesday Challenge


Every Wednesday it's your chance to display your wide angle photo's taken on the day.

tag is       widwedDDMMYY      (6digits) 

You can take photo's of anything you wish but if you want a challenge then use the first and last letter of the month eg  October is 'O' or 'R' to start your title of your photo.   As October is the 10th month then you can have a photo with 10 items in it.

The idea of this is you can work out the tag and/or theme yourself rather than search around for it as with other challanges!

I will try and post up results on the Thursday.

If you haven't got a wide angle or fisheye lens you can crop to make them look wide!  Wide can be in the landscape or portrait mode.

The idea is to have fun.......enjoy looking for a wide pic on Wednesday.





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