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Mono Monday #MM179

The last Mono Monday for June is tomorrow (Northern hemisphere) but is already today (Southern Hemisphere) and continuing with 'getting to know you'. 
The theme is '15 Minutes of Fame', a phrase attributed to artist, Andy Warhol,
"In the future everybody will be world famous for fifteen minutes." 
There is some dispute that he actually said this but it became his catchphrase. Apparently, photographer Nat Finkelstein,  made the remark in reply to a comment that Warhol made about everyone wanting to be famous, quipping, "Yeah, for about 15 minutes, Andy." 
I would love to hear about your '15 Minutes of Fame', be it in the newspaper, TV, photobomb or your shining moment at a presentation, conference or exhibition. 
If you haven't had yours, yet, let us know what your 15 minutes would be about. I love hearing about hidden talents.
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