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Great Blippish (Christmas) Bake Off

This year's 5th annual Great British Christmas Bake Off  hosted by JazzyB is to be held on December 23. The concept of the challenge is simply to make or buy a Christmas Cake and Blip it on the day stating which category you are entering and  Tagging it with "GreatBlippishBakeOff"


Categories are:


1.  Domestic Goddess - Cake is homemade either by you or someone in your family. Judging will be on how the cake looks and is presented.

2. David Bailey- Cake is bought but you would like to be judged purely on your photography of it!


This year's judge is blipper  LadyG. Winners will be announced on JazzyB's journal on Christmas Eve. Thank you for taking part.


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Obviously you wouldn't want any entries to go to waste, so I'm quite prepared to make sure they go to a very good home!

Good luck with this year's challenge MacJazzyB :-))

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