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Tiny Tuesday July

Hello everyone. I am excited to host Tiny Tuesday for the month of July. I am super new to Blipfoto and am excited to host for the first time. I have found that there are many reasons why people are attracted to Blipfoto... or should I say addicted. For some they use their daily blipping as a way to share their world, while others find new friends and social circles within the Blip community. For me, I use as a way to increase my photographic skill set. I am hoping to work on that a little with you guys. My challenges will hopefully push you a little to think outside the box and maybe learn a little along the way. I can't wait to see what you guys will teach me. Thank you for welcoming me to the community and I hope to make Tiny Tuesday fun!

LET'S GET TINY - July 4th TT110

For the first Tiny Tuesday on July 4th, I am challenging you to find something small or miniature that is usually much much larger. Find a miniature horse, a tiny chair, a little tiny figurine or toy that is just too small for words. It doesn't have to be shot in Macro or super zoomed in, although those shots are so exquisite when done well. It would be great to see what cute little tiny things you guys find.

GUESS WHAT!? - July  11th TT111

This one should be fun. I was recently messing around with an app that I installed on my phone. It actually is like a macro lens for your andriod, so if you don' t have a macro lens, this might be a way to join the Tiny Tuesday challenge. I would take photos of random items in my home and try to get my husband and kids to guess what I took a picture of. It made me think that it would be super fun to have my fellow Blippers take a macro shot of something common and see if we can guess what it is. The bristles of a toothbrush, the texture to a towel, the surface of fruit... all of it looks so different when you are seeing it at that scale. So, I challenge you to find something interesting to submit that would keep us guessing. Try not to reveal what you have shot until Wednesday, this will give us all a chance to guess in the comments and have a little fun with all the entries. 

FAKING IT - July 18th TT112

This week I want you to FAKE IT! Have you ever seen a photograph where it was clearly faked as to look like it was miniature model or diorama? If you haven't, follow this link, for some pretty great examples: Awesome Miniature Faking. This is actually a very neat way to take photographs. It's super easy and yields some really interesting images. I can't wait to see what you guys submit!

You can look up tutorials online and even download software to your phone to help you blur the picture to create the desired effect. Also, Wikipedia is a great place to get the basics. In your comments, share a little about your process to get your results. 


EAT IT! - July 25th TT113

Time to work up an appetite! This week's challenge is all about food! Food can look so different through a macro lens... The holes in bread, the inside of fruit,  it's seeds, the veins in a leaf of lettuce... all of which are amazing. Take out your macro lens (or use that app on your phone) and get really close with your food. Remember to try to think about color, lighting and focus. Time to make us all hungry! 


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