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Photo competition in Cambridgeshire.

St Augustines church in Wisbech Cambridgeshire is holding a special photo competition in September 2015. The subject of all pics is The Going Down Of The Sun 2015 and is a commemorative for WW1. We can enter a maximum of 2 pics per person of A4 size (landscape or portrait), colour or mono, the editing can only be minor i.e no composite pics and the date and location for the pic must be on the back of the photo. It looks to be £3-4 per pic but a double entry will be £5. Pics to be in by September 4th for judging and they will be on public display in the church on the 11/12/13th September. There will be generous monetary prizes but to be confirmed in a few weeks as to specific amounts.
I hope you all might think it is a good cause and thing to do. If you would like anymore info please feel free to drop me a line. I have mentioned to the organiser that perhaps some would like a postal entry so will need to clarify that if required by anybody.

I trust blipcentral might feel this is an opportunity for blippers and perhaps an advert for blip too. It is not a commercial venture but run by a church committee so hope it is ok to post on here.


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Hi Missymoo, nice to hear from you, they are having a meeting this month to finalise everything so I will get full rules and the names of judges etc once that has happened. My email is but to remind me I will add you to my "following" list if that is ok?.

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