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Replace photo?

Hi, I want to rellace a photo I took 9 days ago with a black and white version of it, on that same instead of the 21st showing a coloured flower, the entry on the 21st is the same flower but in B&W.

I've gone back into the entry, but the only options are to edit what I wrote about it and the tags.

If I delete the entry, will I be able to add the B&W photo for the 21st? I don't want to delete the photo and then not be able to have an entry on that same day.

Not sure if I've explained that very well :)


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You will be able to put another shot if you delete BUT you will lose all the comments that may have been made and you will need to re-write (or copy and paste) your journal write up.

I haven't done it but my wife tells me that is how it works.

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