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Tags limited to 200 characters

I usually add a lot of tags to my blips. It's not only a way for me, but also for others to find my photos. I found out, that I'm losing a lot of tags I added in Lightroom after uploading the image to Blipfoto. I asked through Twitter and found out that there is a 200 character limit: the total length of all the tags combined cannot be longer than 200. The old Blipfoto didn't have a limit (or I never managed to reach it).

Is this limit related to the fact that all tags are now shown next to the photo? Is anyone else besides me seeing this as a problem or is it just me?

Anyway, I would like to be able to add more tags. If that becomes a problem because all the tags are shown, I wouldn't mind them not being shown...


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There seem to be quite a lot of limitations to tags compared to the old site. If a tag is longer than about 13 characters, it will let you enter it, but it won't find it if you search for it. It allows characters such as - and ' but similarly the search breaks if you use these characters in tags. It no longer auto-completes tags as you type them, which was useful for ensuring consistency. I reported all of these bugs to BlipCentral some weeks ago. No news so far, so if you want to be able to search tags reliably the rule seems to be "short tags and not many of them" :(

I preferred hidden tags ... but I wouldn't mind the tags being shown if a) they worked properly and b) BlipCentral explained their use better!

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