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POTW nominations

I hope everyone has seen SarumStroller's fantastic & well deserved Picture of the Week.
We're invited to tag our own pictures if we'd like them to considered as a possible winner, but some of us may feel that's a little "pushy".
Is it, or would it be, possible to nominate other people's shots for consideration? That way excellent photos from journals that may not be sufficiently widely viewed to make it onto the Popular pages could be drawn to BlipCentral's attention too.


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The spirit of this suggestion is excellent, and I fully support it. I'm one who would not feel comfortable pushing any of my shots forward.

However, any such process would need very careful design to avoid the sorts of 'vote harvesting' issues that plagued the Spotlight previously.

One way might be to strongly restrict how many nominations any one blipper can give in a week. Limiting it to 1 would seem reasonable but as soon as you do that another cracking photo appears.

Another process could be to score nominations so that those from a blipper who's nominated 30 shots that week weighs far less than someone who's only nominated one this month.

Neither of these are a full solution by any means. My concern is that whatever system is used it won't actually help find those spectacular shots blipped by those in the quiet corners.

Cheeseminer 2 votes

Cheesemaker a good suggestion which I feel could be tweeked a little. 1 vote per person per week to be used by say 6:00 on Thursday. This would allow you to bookmark note down etc your possibles and then cast your vote. Blip Central could use Friday to check the votes and announce the winner.

Jerra 2 votes

I am sure you used to be able to nominate photos via the "report" button, is that no longer the case? I am scared to click on it in case it reports photos automatically (in a bad way).

MinBannister 1 vote

Thanks for your thoughts, folks.
There certainly used to be a facility for nominating Staff Picks, though it was quite hidden away. I'm scared to click on the Report button too!
Nominations would need to be controlled somehow to keep manageable. I like Jerra's suggestion of one per week (possibly as a perk for members?).

Goateebooknerd 0 votes

Hey LeeAnne,
I put potw into the search box and there were two hits, one of them mine asking how to add more than one tag. So, does that mean my question was worth a giggle or my photos are? It hadn't occurred to me that people would be ascertaining if my entries were worth adding the tag, I just thought it was something to add if you thought your entry was perhaps good enough to be considered. I stand corrected and won't do it again.
Feeling a bit embarrased now and have deleted the potw tags.

DM 1 vote


Don't feel embarrassed... I absolutely think you should tag your pics if you want to be considered for POTW... there's nothing wrong with that at all.

My search turned up a pretty specific result and I'm not sure it's what Blip Central had in mind when they suggested the tag that's all. I didn't see anything there from you and my comment was to throw some humour in rather than cause offense. I apologise if you were offended, that was most certainly not my intention.

LeeAnne 1 vote

DM it says more about the lousy search engine than it does about your photography. Don't be embarrassed.

I have just done 2 searches POTW without the ridiculous hash tag and the first page had 7 of the 18 I could see a head shot of the same blipper. Nothing special and certainly not in the running for POTW.

The second with the ridiculous hash tag (I wonder how many searches google would get if you had to mess around with hash tags) and I got 18 varied photos many very good but not all.

I have done searches for photos I have tagged (Not POTW) and not one has been found.

To me a ropey search engine giving poor results.

Jerra 1 vote

Personally, I dont like the self-nomination only approach. I can't think of when I could bring myself to use it, but that is a cultural thing and no criticism of others who are happy to self nominate. The former way of nominating a blip of another enables the work of other equally reticent people to be recognised more widely AND it still allowed for self-nomination too. The best of both worlds is never a bad thing!

Barrioboy 0 votes