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Reflecting to arbitrary dates


I've been blipping my children's lives for the past few years now and I love the 'one year' ago button that lets me see what we were doing exactly a year ago. However, to be really useful, it would be great if I could set an arbitrary date for the reflective blip. For example, instead of setting 1 year ago, I would love to set 1 year and 50 weeks. Then I'd have a button to quickly switch between the developments of my son and daughter at exactly the same ages.

Does that make sense? It would save me the hassle of working it out myself and I'm sure others would benefit too.



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I'd really like it if, where there is no picture one year ago, we could see the picture exactly two years ago (or more if necessary). Otherwise there is a danger of some back blips becoming lost in the mists of time.

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