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Tagging for challenges - why is my photo not shown?

I have tagged my blip monomonday but when I look at the challenges and all the entries I can't see my picture or other people that I follow who I can see have tagged their entries monomonday.

I would assume that all pictures should be viewable when you look at challenge entries - is this not the case or am I tagging incorrectly?


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I have just had a look and your photo for 9th Feb is there. On page 5 - at the moment. I have found that the entries seem to be muddled up and not in order of upload. Also it seems to take ages for an entry to appear. You would think it would come up pretty quick but sometimes I have checked a few times before I can see my own entry. I usually tag mine MonoMonday and also MM and then whatever number the weekly challenge is up to. This week its MM54 (China) so next week will be MM55

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