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Can we please have another layer of security?

Since we are just another open social media site now, even more open than Facebook (since in FB if you are a simple member of the public, you can't see content, but here you can)...yes, I know we have the option to be private but that's a terrible option if you want to truly be a member of the Blip community...I'm asking if another layer of security could be added to protect our journals from would be hackers.

Perhaps a secret question or two? Something along that line? I left Facebook over a year ago because my account there was hacked repeatedly, despite having randomly generated 12-digit passwords. Since my phone number was there, at their request, for what they said was security purposes, I began being harrassed on both of my phones until I had to involve the police. Eventually, I had to cancel my land line. I changed cell numbers four times. My computer picked up an infection and my financial identity was stolen. Fortunately, that was caught before too much damage was done, but it took time through which to sort, as you might imagine.

The point is, the only social networks I was participating with at the time were Facebook and Blipfoto. It was the breach at Facebook which caused my problems. I do not wish to have my account at Polaroidblipfoto hacked. I have what I think is a decent password and am going to change it again soon, as most people should do.

Please give due consideration to my request of adding another layer of security for us. You have changed and expanded your servers and added a partner. As this site grows, I do not feel that a simple password is adequate security for its members and their intellectual property.

Thank you.


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