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Challenges - One Tree

Following a suggestion from Bikerbear, I'd like to propose a One Tree thread. I have realised only recently that I've returned to the same tree at different points in the year and from different perspectives for inspiration. See here:
I'm wondering if others have that special tree that thety return to or might return to in the future?
Tag the image one tree and add a link to this thread....sorrry if this has been suggested previously.

Always found this a great subject for photography, just finished a year long project on this myself, posted over on my blipfolio.

Look forward to seeing other's one tree images.

Just a thought on the tag; the one you suggest would need to be enclosed in double quotes to be searchable for the phrase - "one tree", and there are already historical images appearing tagged this way. The same goes for the tag onetree.

At the moment there's nothing at all showing up with the tag one-tree though...?
Martin, It's such a good idea that someone has indeed been here before you! I have my own one tree collection already, which is actually more of a one copse to be honest!

The original post is here.

The suggestion is to tag as 'one tree' (two words)

Martin, great suggestion, I support earthdreamer's suggestion. I will certainly join in with this as a number of my subscribers have suggested that I am indeed a tree photographer. I keep returning to certain trees and marvel at the differences the seasons and weather conditions can make.
thanks for that....I suspected this would have been something that would have been suggested previously. maybe this will give new impetus to the idea with earthdreamer's tagging suggestion?
delphwynd - your blipfolio images are stunning..such variety from exactly the same vantage point!
earthdreamer- wonderfully dramatic in mono....loving your tump!
look forward to seeing your images graham and carolam.
as you said graham....we can only marvel at the differences....:-)
Ok MD - here I am - I need to look for a "special" tree but suspect I have found one to be going on with and only 4 miles from home ...... count me in and I will try - or should that be tree - for the first image tomorrow (Monday) .....

~ Anni ~

Went back to my one tree early this morning only to discover that it is not well placed soooooo I shall be using my newly-found 'three trees' instead - you would have thought that here in the flatlands finding a lone tree would have been easy - nope!
Drove 20+ miles this morning seeking that special tree :-((
What an absorbing series Michelle. I now realise it was you that initiated the one tree thread on the forum a little while ago. Hope you didn't mind me reigniting it (I should have checked the posts a little further back and then just added to yours!).
Your affection for that lakeside tree comes across very strongly and the wide spectrum of perspectives is really interesting....:-)

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