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Will search become good again?

The search feature used to be really good. It understood context. Now it is rubbish. Please make it as excellent as it used to be.


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Seconded. Will we ever get the date search back? e.g. "last month", "last week"? Will search results be reliably sorted in the right order? Will we be able to search on a combination of tags? Will search results show dates on the thumbnails? Will search facilities ever be documented or will we have to continue using trial and error to figure out what works and what doesn't?

Veronica 1 vote

In my opinion it wasn't good before but now it is totally useless. I can't even find my own blips after I have checked to see which tags I have used.

Jerra 0 votes

Some tips that may assist folk using the Search facility:
1) To search your own entries for a particular word then after entering the word, and a space, type "@me" (without the quotes!);

2) Similarly to search some other journal, like mooncoin's for example, change the "@me" to "@mooncoin" (again, without the quotes);

3) To search for tags, you add a "#" before the word, so searching my journal for the "dolphin" tag you'd type in, "#dolphin @peninsulalight". Note that if you miss out the "#" from that search, the results will be completely different - suspect it will just do a search through the text entries of the journal. Don't know if links will work here or not, but will add a couple below to show the difference between those two searches:
Search: #dolphin @peninsulalight

and Search: dolphin @peninsulalight

Know any others? I'm sure there will be plenty more, so why not add some below?!

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