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January Challenge Week 2

A Week of Food Idioms

For those who want something more definite for a challenge, here is something to tackle - a continuation of the January Challenge. What we say is not always to be taken literally!
Tag your entry with IDIOMS and the number for your blip, so your entry for Eggshells would be Idioms14

You can get help and inspiration form this site:
Sorry, I can't link it here but I will do that in my next blip.

8 Nutshell (in a Nutshell)
9 Apples & Oranges (comparison of things that cannot be compared)
10 Beans (Spill the beans)
11 Bananas (go bananas)
12 Tea (not my cup of tea)
13 Cheese (hard cheese .... say cheese)
14 Eggshells (walking on eggshells)

Do these in any order - you don't have to keep to the day's date.


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I did join in some of last week and will next week. I have tagged but this week I will post here as well.

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