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cannot access comments again, frustrated

I am currently using Monilla Firefox browser to log onto Blipfoto and I could access comments, but today (3rd April), I cannot do so again. This happened to me months ago. I could open and upload pictures but could not open and makes comments nor could I give replies to the comments bu others on my pictures. Do not why, could anyone help?
This happens to my smartphone in the same way. I am using an Android phone a home-made brand. Could anyone tell me where to download APP for Android?


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There should be no problem with Firefox. I use both Firefox & Safari w/o problems. For comments, there has to be a comment entered. After signing in click browse, then click me, then click through your photos. From your photo, scroll down & If there is a comment, it will list the # of comments above the comment box and at the bottom of the comment box will be your comments. You can enter your own comment by clicking inside the comment box & typing it.

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