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Peter Jones of Dragons' Den Fame

I heard Dragon Peter Jones on a recent edition of Dragons' Den say he was now the owner of Jessops, and had saved them. Maybe he's the man to save blip and put in place a business model that is sustainable in collaboration with the Jessops brand. One for the liquidator/administrator to look into . . .


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Terrific idea - Not so sure that there is enough meat here to grab Peter's attention. For a collaboration to work, there has to be something in it for both parties and this could generate business for both. Blip could certainly use the injection of some real management skills and experience.

Polaroid, was just a corporate brand name that doesn't even represent the same level or commitment to photography. With the relatively small membership, there was nothing in this partnership for Polaroid, certainly not enough to follow through with the promised cash injection I suspect.


Vodkaman 0 votes

With the whole thing, my only question is: What was Polaroid's intention? Being a cynic and noting how quickly this has happened since they came on board I wonder if Polaroid had a similar site planned and just decided to close down the competition?

If only there was a clear and honest statement. From anyone.

As to the Jessops suggestion, excellent idea as Blipfoto would not detract from their business, if anything it could enhance it.

PJG844 0 votes

It was always going to be Polaroid (or one of the companies wrapped up with them) that bought it...

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