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Challenges - Winter Challenge: Indoors if Wet

The first of the Equinoctial gales has arrived up here and my thoughts are turned to all those days when going outside with a camera will not be an option. It will be "studio" work for the next several months.

"Studio" is in quotation marks because it's all a bit rough and ready. Want to join me October to March, in a NO GEAR indoor photography challenge?

  1. Shoot indoors: Any subject that you can find to hand
  2. Using only camera and a tripod if you have one (else improvise)
  3. NO FANCY PHOTO GEAR allowed: no flash, no studio lights, no reflectors, no nothing... unless it is improvised. Using ambient light sources or desk lamps for lighting, cardboard and foil for reflectors, torches for light-painting etcetera.
  4. Try to post a shot a week. More if you want to. Less is OK. Describe your setup if it's of interest; the more Heath Robinson it is, the better we'll love it.
  5. Be amazed at what you can achieve
  6. Tag: Indoorsifwet
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