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Challenges - Technique Challenge

After the success of the last technique challenge which Bomber (Sarah) and I organized, I have been coerced into organizing another which I propose to run in September. Format is similar to last time but to makes things a little less challenging, there will be just 2 techniques per week plus a wild card, the wildcard being a technique of your choice and of course, if you are really eager, you can do more than 3 pictures each week either repeating a technique or by doing extra wildcards.

So, down to the details:

Week 1 (starts 1st Sep)

  1. Forced Perspective example
  2. Blur (as in out of focus rather than motion blur) example
  3. Wildcard

Week 2 (starts 8th Sep)

  1. Photoelasticity example or Patterns example
  2. Shadows example
  3. Wildcard

Week 3 (starts 15th Sep)

  1. Shooting from the hip example
  2. Smoke Photography tutorial & example
  3. Wildcard

Week 4 (starts 22nd Sep)

  1. Frame within a frame tutorial & example
  2. Long exposure light trails example
  3. Wildcard

Once again, all of these techniques can be achieved in camera but please do feel free to use Photoshop or any other photo editing software that you have at your disposal.


Please add a link to each picture under the challenge. To do this, you will need to copy the web address for your photo (it should say something like ""), then go to the Forums section, choose Challenges, then September Technique Challenge. Once you're there, click on "Add a link", paste the address into the box, then type a descriptive word (such as "Tilt Shift") into the next box that appears. Take a look at chantler63’s August challenge to see what is meant by this. You can also tag your entries with 'September TC' to make them easy for others to find.

Possible techniques for your wildcards

  1. Radial Zoom
  2. Abstract/Unusual Angles
  3. Tilt shift
  4. Silhouette
  5. Low Key Image
  6. Water Drops/Splashes
  7. Portrait
  8. Freezing the action (fast shutter speed/panning)
  9. Slow Synch Flash
  10. High Key Image
  11. Bokeh
  12. Panorama
  13. Blurred Movement (slow shutter speed)
  14. Creative use of DOF
  15. B&W
  16. Macro/Close-Up
  17. Street/Reportage
  18. Creative Self Portrait
  19. Night-time
  20. Architecture
  21. Soft focus
  22. Fine Art
  23. Light Painting

or anything that you would like to do, just remember to let us know what the technique is just in case it's not obvious.

Good Luck

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