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New Blip Opinion

The Name Plate is still the same which is good.
The Profile's of the users being so clear is great.
The thumbnails in colour of the blips is great.
The White is awfully white.
The pictures are awfully large and I can't see photo and text together.
The stats all seem to have disappeared and all my page counts have gone screwy, like halved, in every case.


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i agree and i wish your list was longer.
The white covering the entire screen is not only awfully white, it is unacceptable and has ripped the soul out of blipfoto.

adding all of the back blips has ruined peoples anniversary dates, especially if you celebrated with friends on the same date for years - no longer because back blip numbers varied.

dates of some blips are incorrect, messing up consecutive streaks.

it's impossible to edit comments and replies. i'm a terrible speller. i need editing options

...even cannot preview when writing a blip before posting it. see statement above. bad speller and terrible at grammar. i suffer from dyslexia.

...oh, God...stop me here...

laurie54 3 votes

according to the way the up-voting system used here , your question should have been at the top of the pile . 6 votes and 3 replies with a total of 5 votes , i haven't seen any other question with this amount of votes on it . they are ignoring questions they don't want to answer

monkey 1 vote

There really wasn't a question. It was just my opinion, along with the things I didnt like :-) I dont think they ar ignoring me... just maybe not acknowledging the opinon

dogwithnobrain 0 votes

I have to agree with you DWNB.
The White is very very White.
I also feel the need to zoom out, most of the time, which is not an option...
The entry image is too large, I sturggle to see the writing below, plus some of the font colours are very pale, again hard to read for the optically challenged minority.

Bittersweet 1 vote

Name Plate has changed... Name has changed... Profile Users - Now Polaroid Snaps. Thumbnails still lovely, White, still white, Pictures still awful large. Stats, still not there. Also - On IOS App - I can't add comments. Maybe I'm being really stupid, but I can't find a button anywhere.

dogwithnobrain 1 vote

'The white covering the entire screen is not only awfully white, it is unacceptable and has ripped the soul out of blipfoto.'

It really is weird how suddenly grey seems to be the greatest thing ever. It's my surname and I find it terribly drab. I like white, it sets everything off nicely.

KryptoMart 0 votes

I have been posting for 4 1/2 years and had become used to the grey background but now having posted on the white background for a few weeks, actually quite like it. I like a lot of the changes, particularly the stability of the site. Not all change is bad you know.

edisteve -1 votes

Yup, I agree too!
The white is definitely way too white. Can't we choose what we would like? - let the poster decide the background colour.
The large pictures are too large and blur too much as the resolution is not sufficient.
But it all seems to work pretty well and the thumbnails are good. Keep up the good work team BF.

ButhaleziBird 0 votes