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The font too small and too thin, hard to read

The font is now too small and too thin to read.
The old blipfoto was perfect for me, with the grey background and white typeface was perfect thickness and size.
The new blipfoto has far too much an expanse of white for me. It is hard on my eyes. The typeface is too thin and too small. Even when enlarged it is hard to read.
I suffer from dry eyes, Sjogrens Syndrome, and it is wrecking my eyes to try and read the new size and style of font.
Have blipfoto not considered people with poor eyesight? Even when I enlarge the page the current set up is too hard to read. It causes eyestrain for myself. Surely I cannot be the only person with this problem?


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I sympathise gennepher -- it would be great if BlipCentral would provide a choice of styles so we can choose the one that works best for us (you can do this with browser plugins, but it would be much easier to have an official system where you could just select it in your Blipfoto settings). I will try to vote your question up ...

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Thanks Veronica. It would be easier to have an official system within blipfoto to do this. Many apps I use have something in settings where I have options to change type size, black on white, white on black and more. I don't use my laptop for everyday stuff, various things are configured on it to make it easier for me to read. But in this day and age there should be accessibility for all, and that means this should be within the design of blipfoto.

gennepher 0 votes

alone you ain't!!
i can hardly read what i'm writting now!...(and i said it already a few times...)

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