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Blip Milestones - the new ranges

I understand there is a tension between blip yearly anniversaries (365, 730 etc) and round numeric milestones (500, 1000 etc) depending on how frequently/consecutively people blip. Overall, I like the idea of highlighting the 365/one year landmark and the 3650/ten year one. And the new focus on the numeric ones. But I would propose a couple of amendments to the presented scheme.

After the 365, have a 500 to get people into the every 500 rhythm.

Include a 2500 milestone because to go from 1000 to 3000 (three years) as presently presented without a celebration is just too long!

Include a 5 year milestone for those to whom yearly milestones are important (the daily consecutive go nine years from year one to hear ten without that acknowledgment is just far too long).

It costs nothing to set this up. Birthdays and milestones need to come relatively frequently to keep interest up and let us mutually acknowledge each other's achievements. If occasionally the yearly and the every five hundred milestones are close, then let us members deal with that in our comments as we always have.


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Just realised the new blip milestone ranges may not correspond to the intended blip 'birthday' or 'balloon day' notifications we receive, so clarification on this would be appreciated.

Barrioboy 1 vote

As a relative beginner (by my count I passed 365 on 16/12/14) the early red balloons - 100 200 etc were certainly an aid to continued effort.

Jerra 1 vote

From personal observation, 'balloon' days have been spotted at 365, 730 and 1095 entries. I'm keeping a look out for others.

jcdodds 1 vote

what was wrong with the milestones we celebrated prior to the 'make-over?" recognize every annual milestone..1 yr, 2 year, 3 yr, etc.

then celebrate the "-00" anniversaies...500, 1000, 1500, 2000, 2500...

they hold peoples' interest and are tremendous motivators, especially if you are a consecutive daily blipper. those milestones mean a lot to us. the cameras mean a lot, too, by the way. i have no idea why the colors had to change. i had been looking forward to reaching 1500 consecutive blips and getting a gleaming, sparkling red camera, something i aspired to since i first got the gold one. and not only the sparkle is gone but so is the teal? wth?

what should motivate me now? days ago i celebrated (twice...the real and the blip) 1460 consecutive blips. now my milestones and cameras are changed. why?

laurie54 2 votes