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January Challenge Week 1

A Week of Textures

For those who want something more definite for a challenge here is something to tackle.

Tag your entry with TEXTURES and the number for your texture blip, so your entry for Rough would be TEXTURES 1.

We'll see if this works while Blip Central sorts things out. A Challenge cannot wait!!

1 Rough

2 Smooth

3 Shiny

4 Woolly

5 Furry

6 Plastic

7 Spiky


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Sandyshore, do you mean the link to the challenge on your blip entry, or a link here to your blip?
The first is achieved by clicking on the right hand symbol in the comments box when you're uploading your photo - just copy the url from the address bar above (the bit that starts https://) and paste it in to the first box, you can leave the second one blank, then click of 'Insert'.
The second is easier. Once you've uploaded your photo, clip on 'View Entry' and copy the url from the address bar (as I said, the bit that starts http etc) and paste it in here.
Hope that helps

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An entry for the January challenge: textures 2: smooth.

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